Dvd drive not spinning up while in windows.

A friend of mine has an Acer pc and were having this strange problem. The dvd drive works fine and we've tested this by getting it to spin up and read a disk while in the Bios. When we login into windows even under the administrator account it will not access or use the drive. It will not spin up and read any disk we insert. Windows says the drive is "enabled" but it just doesn't do anything in windows. Also when we try to select the drive to explore it, it tells us we don't have the rights to do it. Any ideas, this is really an annoying problem!?
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  2. Have you ever been able to read cd with this drive in Windows? Have you changed any settings of your computer? What operating system have you installed on your computer? Feel free to visit DigitalSupportTech for getting help.
  3. Yes, last year the drive worked perfectly fine. Running windows xp professional. The drive still works fine, its Windows not recognizing something is in it and spinning it up. But the thing that gets me is windows says we don't have the right to use it even though we are logged in as the administrator. It worked fine before.
  4. sounds like you answered your problem.. something in windows is messed up.
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