E7200 vs E8400 vs Q6600

Planning on building a new pc pretty soon, but I am having trouble deciding what CPU to get. At first I was thinking an E7200. The E7200 only has 3mb cache though which makes me think the E8400 would be a better choice. At that price point though, would it make sense to go quad core? Seems to me that the E8400 would be faster

Whatever I get, I plan on throwing a big Zalman cooler on it and OC'in it quite a bit.

Just looking for some opinions, thanks for lookin.
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  1. ewiz.com has an E8300 for $160. Best value, 6mb cache. That's what I'm getting soon.
  2. well,,you could go with the 8400 for the time being,it's just that by the end of this year,,??,, and next year for sure,, there will be a lot more apps,capable of addressing quad cores ...:>)
  3. It also comes down to what you'll be using the machine for. If it's mainly for gaming, the higher speed dual core will be better in the short term, but as dokk2 said, more and more apps will be taking advantage of quad cores in the (hopefully) near future.
  4. Newegg has open box retail/ OEM Q6600s (SLACR) for $159/$149 respectively. Even if you can only get 3.2 -3.4 ghz from an OC you won't notice any real world performance advantage from an E8400 at 4ghz. A lot of E8400s struggle to get over 3.8ghz so I am seeing even less reason to go with a dual core at this point.
  5. Go quad for the future proof aspect in my opinion
  6. after building all three i would take the 3.6ghz q6600 over a 3.8 or 4ghz e8400

    with intel pushing fsb the sweetspot is coming down and so is the overclocking. plus these new hafnium gate chips are not as durable or can take the voltage as well

    q660o or a used qx9650 ($600) is my choice.

    then again i run q6800 too

    the qx9650 is a sweet ride at 4.2ghz of water coolness!
  7. It depends on what you use it for. I'm sure everyone knows. I built an E6550, E7200, and Q6600 all with 2-4 GB ram. No OC and nothing heavy just regular usage and there is absolutely no difference using Win Xp 32. Don't waste money if you just surf and check email and do online stuff. Gaming and Scientific computing are different though. Doing heavy numerical computing with large models, I find the E9XX to be a real improvement over E7200.
  8. just so people know with vista changes the 4 cores are used
  9. I meant to say Q9XXX in the above comment.
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