Seagate 7200.11 and 7200.12 Logic Board question

Hey all, I have in my posession a bricked 7200.11 500Gb drive.

the drive is 1 of 2 from a Raid0 setup, and unfortunately, it has the dreaded firmware bug that makes the drive inaccessible without any notice (at this point its a brick anyways until I get the part to flash it manually). Just turned on the pc one day and my second raid setup was gone.

So my question is:
If I were to purchase 2 new 7200.12 500Gb drives (because the 7200.11's are all but gone now from everywhere), same size and spec (cache size), would I be able to mount the logic boards from the new 7200.12 drives onto to old 7200.11 drives, and have it work?

I'm really unsure of being able to do this successfully. Don't know much about it.

After searching the web I found the fix for the old drive (without having to send it in and most likely loose everything), but it will be next week before then part gets here to perform the process. So I'm a bit impatient I guess, and somewhat curious if swapping out the logic boards will work.

fyi - I've gone through all the test and the problem is definitely with the Firmware on the old logic board. I even swapped the boards to make sure the "bricked" drive would show in the bios, and all is well there.

You can read more about the 7200.11 issue here:
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  1. 7200.11 and 7200.12 uses different logic board. You'll just have to wait till your TTL-serial flash kit is built then unbrick it.
  2. Yep. For this trick to work, you need identical logic boards.
  3. 7200.11 and 7200.12 uses different logic board
    Yep. For this trick to work, you need identical logic boards.

    I understand that the 2 boards are different, that's why I'm curious about switching out both Logic Boards.

    Take the 2 new boards from the 7200.12's, mount them onto my 2 7200.11's and boot the machine as usual.

    Or are the internals going to be different, causing a problem?
  4. I answered my last post with some we searching.

    Thanks for the replies. Patiently waiting on the flash kit.

    Will post back results
  5. Hey DaiMyo68, I perform this unbricking service via mail. Look me up in Google under Wayman and DASKinkaid. Hope I can help you. Thanks.
  6. With the 7200.11, unbricking via that method is unlikely to work anyways. In hard drives, since every drive is slightly different, correction factors are applied during initial calibration at the factory. These are needed for the drive to position itself accurately enough to read each track. In the 7200.10 series and earlier, these correction factors were stored on the drive itself (in much larger, easier to read tracks), allowing the drive to retain the proper operating values even with a swapped board. The 7200.11 and newer store the values in flash on the board though, which makes it unlikely to read any data at all if you swap boards. The correction factors for the drive you are swapping from will be different from the drive you are swapping to, and it simply will not read the tracks. It may even destroy the data.
  7. Got the flash kit (the Serial to TTL Adapter), ran through the process described in the link below, and the drive is fully functional now. Recovered all data intact.

    I looked for another 7200.11 drive on the web, and decided to wait for the kit. I've swapped out boards before, but from the same identical part, hence I asked if the 7200.12 would work before bothering to try.

    Anyways, if someone runs into the same "bricked" drive problem, I have an adapter here and will sell it for the same price that I paid. Bonus for the next person is that it is all set to go, wires soldered, labeled and taped.

    Here's the "Un-Bricking" process:

    and a video with the identical process being done:

    Thx for the answers and opinions all.

  8. Daimyo68:

    If you still have the Serial to TTL Adapter, name your price!
    I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, postal code R3M0T5.
  9. I will get back to you tonight. Just checking emails this morning. I still have it sitting here. I paid $18.00US total for the serial/TTL adapter and the usb cable. Just have to check shipping to your location.

    Do you have PayPal?
  10. Yup. Got Paypal. I sent a private message with my email.
    I noticed that the two links you posted for how to fix the drive use slightly different cables. One uses a USB cable, while the other uses a DB9 serial cable. I have both ports on my computer, so I can use either one.
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