Radeon HD 4850 available in Germany


why they get it 1st :P :sweat:

i dunno so what

169.90 DEM


134.504 USD ?

169.90 EUR


263.045 USD

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  1. Germany uses € (EUR) as their currency so if the price is 169.90 EUR then yes...about 260 dollars. Which is a pretty fair price IMO.
  2. That price will includes VAT, which is likely to be between 15 and 20% (can't remember for Germany) so it seems about right.
  3. I thought I was supposed to be 199 USD. 260 seems overpriced.. or is it because prices are higher in Germany for all cards?
  4. Prices will be slightly higher in Germany but this does include VAt so it seems reasonably fair.
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