Asus P5E or Rampage Formula ?

Hi people!

well, tomorrow i will go to buy my new motherboard, and i have only 2 posibilities, because they don't have stock of other products.

the posibilities are:

Asus P5E X38 At 270 Dollars NEW
Asus Rampage Formula x48 at 345 dollars NEW.

i will run an 4850 CF on the mobo and i overclocks but i'm not a Super Overclocker Fan in example, i have my E8400 at 3.6 at 1.225 Vcore.

Well, is really worth the extra money to buy the Rampage?

Which mother board should i buy?

PD: im from argentina, so the prices are high because of customs.. :(
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  1. the rampage is worth it if you plan to get a quad in the future, as it overclocks high with quad.
  2. Performance wise, they are about equal. Unless there is some little thing extra that comes with the X48 board, save yourself $75.

    a little google goes a long way

    the difference in these games at res's lower than 1680*1050 is negligible
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