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Explorer associated trojan

Hi, I have a DLL in my windows/system32 folder. I have used a tool to see what processes are running and what they are associated with. It is asscoiated with explorer.exe as you can see that in the process checking tool. I have done some analysis on dlo1BC.dll and it appears it is virus, but I cant delete it, no matter what I try. When I shut down the conputer explorer wont shut down smoothly - and I think this is because of the dlo1BC.dll associated with it in the processes. Any ideas?
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    Run malwarebytes and Cclean registry repair. If these software Apps do not solve the issue, a repair install of the OS may be in order.
  2. have you seen something like this before and been able to remove it? WIll I need to run the repair, to do this I need to laod Windows XP CD from a reboot via the cd drive and when I do this it doesnt detect the hard drive (mass storage), when I press the F6 to add drivers for the HD it says I need to put the drivers (from HP) on a floppy and in the A: drive which I dont have and Im not sure if my external USB A: drive will work (and I have to get it out of the box in the cellar and resurrect it). ANy other ways to repair the XP os?
  3. Can you list the system specs or system model number. Include CPU, MB, hard drive etc.
  4. All sorted - I went the painful route as none of the "delete on boot" tools worked. I installed the windows recovery console and I went into my cellar, hunted around, found an old USB floppy drive and a diskette, attached the floppy A: drive, formatted the floppy diskette (just) copied the downloaded hard disk drivers for the HP laptop to the floppy, and then rebooted loading the recovery console added the drivers (using F6 to access the diskette) and then selected C:\Windows (option 1) and proceeded to delete the dlo1BC.dll using DOS. AFter rebooting all was in order and the virus gone and I could install the Firewall and Internet Security and virus protection systems that were failing to run before. Thanks. It was an HP Laptop (Compaq 8710w) running XP SP3 (uninstalled to SP2), Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T9300 @ 2.5GHz with 3GB of RAM... the Hard drive was a ST9200420AS...
  5. By the Malware didnt find the problem and it wouldnt kill the file.. I also tried Killbox and MoveOnBoot but neither worked at deleting or moving on boot... So I took your final advice and went the OS root.. Thanks...
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