Could you recommend a cutting utensil?


I currently have a 4870 1gb from sapphire ( and in comparison to what I've read from other users mine is overheating pretty badly (~55 idle / 85-90 load).

I had a rear exhaust PCI fan lying around that I want to mount on the back where the sliced backplate is on the card. Currently I just jerry-rigged it but I want to cut off the half of the backplate on the card where the fan would go so I can properly install it. I don't really have any tools lying around that would do the trick. I tried wire cutters but all they did was scratch it. The metal seems pretty thick.

Any recommendations that don't involve buying something expensive that I will never use again in my life? :pt1cable:

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  1. Hacksaw (but first unbolt the backplate from the card).
  2. Any high end machine/fab shops in your area? A water plasma cutter or a water jet cutter would be sooo cool.
  3. I guess Im confused where there is room to mount said fan in that slot with the dual slot cooler...

    Anyhow, as advised a hacksaw is probably your cheapest option. Its also something that you could talk a neighbor into borrowing for a half hour. I advise removing the back plate from your card before you start cutting on it.
  4. hacksaw is the simplest if you know anyone in a shop 5 seconds on a bandsaw would be better

    as said regardless of method chosen take it off the card first
  5. tin snips would work as well, if you happen to know anyone with a pair.
  6. If you dont want to buy the right tool, take it to someone who has the tools and know how to get the job done.
    Have that person reseat the HSF with some good thermal compound too!
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