Double Graphic Card issue


3 weeks ago when I restarted my pc I couldn't get anything on the screen. I thought first that my graphic card went kaboom. I started looking thru the pc for a solution and I came across another graphic card which is somehow connected to the motherboard ( that's atleast what I think ). Eventually I found a driver for it and it turns out this card is way crappier than the other one.

Couple of days later the other card started working again. Now I'm stuck with 2 different cards and my pc, who switches between those two when I restart my pc ( it's pretty random though, sometimes I keep the same card for days and then suddenly the other one kicks in ).

Any idea of what's wrong?
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  1. Bump so people bother to help me
  2. sounds like you have a on-board graphics card. you can disable that one in your bios.
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