Dell inspiron 530s optical drive upgrade

I have a Dell Inspiron 530s, and want to upgrade by adding a BluRay drive (so i can watch my blu rays in my room, not just on the PS3...
I just want to know if what apears to be an upgrade slot for an optical drive on the outside is one on the inside!
Also, would I get the full HD from my normal monitor port (which is running at 1680*1050 atm), or will i need to upgrade my graphics to a HDMI card (my monitor has HDMI in, so that isn't an issue!)
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  1. Unless there's proprietary hardware somewhere. you should be able to upgrade your Dell with a Blu-Ray drive.

    The answer to your second question is pretty simple: either your computer has an HDMI port or it doesn't. You may not have to upgrade your video card though, and opt for a HDMI adapter for use with your current monitor port.
  2. Hi
    thanks for that reply:-)
    I don't think my oringinal question was quite clear enough!
    What I meant was if there was a physical spare bay for a second optical drive (As I want to keep my DVD RW), and whether I needed HDMI to get hi def feed out of the computer, or whether my current resolutiob from a standard monitor port was high enough...
    am i more clear now then i was?
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