Celeron M and Intel Mobile Duo Core Heat

I have found out that my laptop with a new bios up date can support a dual core CPU but my concern is about heat. It currently has a Celeron M 410 1.46 GHz with 533 FSB 65nm and I am looking into the Intel T2350 Mobile Duo Core 1.86GHz 533MHz 65nm. But I don't know how hot the duo core runs.

Also the the motherboard only has 1mb of cache on it but the Mobile Duo CPU has 2mb, I know it would be a kind of bottle neck, but would that cause it to not work. I am just trying to up my laptop some more, just dont have the funds to buy a better one. I have already maxed it out on ram.

Any Ideas or Suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Both chips are designed to operate in the same spaces so even if the dual core is warmer (which I doubt it'll be much warmer if it even is) its designed for higher temps.

    PS: The motherboard doesn't have L2 cache, the CPU does. :)
  2. If it's supported then chuck it in. Worst case scenario? You singe your knee while using the laptop and upgrade the cooling in it.

    Don't forget the thermal paste!
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