Gigabyte X48 Ds4 fried. Choosing new board. Specs inside

Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4
E8400 1.550
Powercooler HD 4870 2100 SEK
Samsung 203N
Western Digital Caviar SE16 640GB
Crucial DDR2 BallistiX TRACER 4GB
Xigmatek HDT-s1283
Samsung t220
Corsair 750TX Power Supply

Was looking at this...

Anyone know any good ASus boards or any other good boards...I want to pick one up today so I have something to do this weekend when its raining...

Thank you!
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  1. Why don't you just RMA your current Mb?
    It is still under warranty.
  2. a new board friend? its even a Durable series board...
  3. better RMA that one... wow would love that board...
  4. Would anyone reccomend the rampage forumla asus?
  5. I would also investigate a bit further, I mean I'd be curious to know how is it that this MB got to fried. Anyways, just make sure it's not something caused by your current setup or else you risk frying another MB.
  6. Well I don't know if it's fried I just know that it doesn't work. I did tons of tests and have concluded that the board is the problem. Everything else seems to be good. I'm picking up the rampage right now and the gigabyte is being sent back for money...What could cause other parts to fry a board for example?
  7. A shaddy PSU spiking power could kill your system in short order...
  8. Can't agree enough with the last posts. It's important to know why the board failed before you replace it (and the power supply is a likely culprit). Also, why would you pay for a new MB when you could RMA the old one?
  9. @OP: Are you using DDR2 1066 RAM? What kinds of problems were you getting?
  10. this guy is just like my friend. He just loves to spend money for no reason. Lol my friend does that and sells his expensive parts for cheap to me.

    Look kid i just built a 500$ computer thats gets the same frame rate as my friends 1000$ computer. Sooner or later youll learn that its not worth it cause the computer is worth nothing in a couple months anyway
  11. All, while I agree that the OP should investigate why his board died you're taking one thing totally for granted....


    The OP may not wish to be without a working system for days, weeks, whatever. Neither would I. Time is so valuable to me too that I would likely do the same thing. I can go buy another board, right now and be up and running again in a few hours. That'd be worth the minimal costs to many.

    BMWm3oz, if you indeed drive that car then you can likely afford to replace your board on the spot, yes? However, you NEED to be confident that it wasn't a PSU problem (or other component) that was the catalyst for the failure or you could have a nasty surprise awaiting you.

    As to the Asus Rampage Formula? Yes, it is a very nice board, IME, and you'll enjoy it, if you're not enjoying it already.

    Time. "Time is the flame in which we burn."
  12. How exactly can I figure out if it's the PSU? I hooked up the HD, CD ROM, and case fans to it and it runs them all...But it doesn't power up the motherboard..

    I have a multi-meter but I'm not that experienced with it...I'm guessing I can test the PSu with that...Anyone have any recommendations?

    As for lasttarget...Keep your mouth shut because you can't just assume that everybody lives in America and can build a computer for $500.00. Come to Sweden and try to build a computer for $500 that runs like a $1,000 computer.... You have 3000 KR to do it...Good luck...Start at this site
  13. Here is a guide to testing your PSU with a Multimeter:
  14. O my bad. My friend replaces his mobo out of the blue for no reason. Just thought you were that kind of person.
  15. Well since Sunday I have been sitting with this thing for about 5-6 hours a day after work until I go to sleep and have been doing all sorts of tests...The only one I haven't done is the multi-meter with the PSU which is now probably the most important...I didn't explain earlier cause I didn't have time cause I was at work but I'm actually sending back the other mobo for a full refund so that is why I went to buy a new one today...I don't throw money left and right... But thanks for understanding...

    Ok I will check out the PSu now with that guide...Thanks shadow
  16. bmwm3oz said:
    Would anyone reccomend the rampage forumla asus?

    I would. I've been using that board for a few months and its the best motherboard that I've ever had. Not saying there aren't other good boards out there, but the Rampage is an excellent board.
  17. This guide doesn't really do anything for me since I am unable to boot my computer up.
  18. Well you guys were right. Just plugged in the new one right when I hit the power button the motherboard sparked...Probably just blew the entire pC so I'm just gonna toss this thing out the window I'm done.

    Thanks for all your help you guys.
  19. :(

    That sux. I'm sorry.
  20. I just changed a fan connector...a case fan and turned it on and it sparked again and the spark hit my leg and it burnt like hell...I turned it off again...however everything turned on, including board, memory, video card....monitor too...

    It's gotta be the PSU...
  21. All I know is I'm staying away from that thing until I get a new PSu cause I'm scared as hell that things gonna start spitting flames at me when I'm sleeping... COmputers don't like me!
  22. Whoa!

    unplug that puppy from the wall...but of course you've done that already. Get a reasonable PSU, a Thermaltake ToughPower (or something in that league or better) will treat you right for a long time, and for Jeeve's sake, it won't try to cook you.
  23. sparks from the mobo??
    You did use standoffs while mounting the mobo? so it wont short itself through the mobotray? causing sparks....
    I've read your other threads (at least some of them) and helped you in one of 'em and I've come to a conclusion that you don't really know what you're doing. no offence. So just thinking you might have missed the standoffs in a hurry....
  24. I got standoffs in all corners but the top right...Total of like 5..But it's literally impossible to get the top right one in....
  25. Scratch that...I do have one in the top right...I don't remember getting it in but it's on there.
  26. should the board not be sitting against the case? I've been reading and some say it should be grounded to the case, some say that it should be lifted and not be touching the case...
  27. Just did cardboard test and board powers up... Going to test with GPU on it now. It must be the grounding problem with the case.
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