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I am fairly good with computers and am currently enrolled in school for network admin so please forgive this noob question.

I just bought two 1 tb HDs and installed them in Raid 0. Nothing is wrong they are formatting as i type this.....My question is why if they are are 1 TB each does it only let me format 1,907,727 MB instead of the full 2,000,000? Sure thats not much space when it comes to dealing in TB but Im a little OCD and I am just sitting here asking myself why it does that. :D Any way no place better to ask than on TH in my opinion. So thanks in advance for info. :bounce:
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  1. 2,000,000,000,000 (2 TB) converted to MiB (divide by 1024 twice) = 1,907,348 MiB (so you technically have more)

    its all about the conversions man
  2. DOH thats so simple *slaps forehead* :na:

    Thanks for clearing that up :)
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