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Im having a major problem with my PC. the monitor goes to black screen, the sound continues for a bit before it seems that the PC then goes into restart mode, only it wont restart with my monitor restored. i have to physically shut down the PC and reboot. sometimes it reboots with monitors straight away and sometimes several attempts are needed.
When i do get back into the desktop the screen may sddenly go again or it may be ok .

I first noticed this problem recently whilst playing Age of conan a very gpu hungry system demanding MMO and my first thoughts were that its overheating . i will note down everything i have done thus far to isolate the problem in the hope someone with far more expertise can give me a few pointers.

1. swapped out my gfx card with an older spare card to see if my card was at fault.
it wasent as the replacment exhibited the same problem

2. placed the gfx card into a new PCI slot on the mobo
problem occured in both slots

3 updated and backdated gfx drivers (there was a software issue in AOC causing a black screen)
problem remains regardless of driver i use

4 monitored CPU temperature using coretemp, and cpu never exceeds 60 degrees under stress load and according to the relevent cpu forums this is well within range,

5 just to be sure tho i have fitted a brand new cooler onto my cpu and replaced the stock one , thermal pasted etc i n accordance with instructions
cpu running cooler at a bout 50dgrees under load but hey presto the problem occured today

6, fans etc seem to be fluff /dust free, was able to remove my sound card and network car so now the case is uncluttered
last night i played AOC for over 3 hours with no problems and felt most pleased that once again i had conqured the PC gremlins, however this morning tragedy i played AOC for 30 mins and it collapsed again with the above problems , then it crashed twice after i came back into the desktop. my instinct tells me heat as the problem seems less frequent when ithe computer hasent been overworked but having tackled heat ( i think) im not sure where to proceed.

Ive done a lot of forum searchimng with relation to cpu , mobo and gfx card known issues
someone mentioned powersupply problems , my PSU is 560 watts more than enough i would imagine , could there be a more deep rooted mobo issue that im not picking up on ? I think my gfx card is ok as i swapped that out .

any help would be greatly appreciated

my system

vista basic32,

intel core 2 duo e6750 , unclocked
4gb RAM 667mghz
intel board D975XBX2
nvidea 8800gts
driver 175..80
onboard sound
psu is 560 Watt
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  1. Does it only occur when your playing AOC?
  2. First off....That board doesn't support the E6750....It only supports c2d with 1066 fsb...your processor is fsb1333. Secondly what brand and how old is the psu?
    The easy fix is get a new mobo that supports this cpu or get a cpu that is 1066 fsb.
  3. Try with 1 stick of RAM, it could be a dodgy stick. Failing that, try another PSU if you have one around there somewhere.
  4. Yes, need more info on the PSU.
    Brand, model and +12V amperage.
    Just because is clams to be 560W dose not mean it really is.

    In the mean time, take your system through the ultimate boot cd. Specifically, run it through the memory and Mb tests. I have a feeling that either you have a failing PSU or Mb/RAM.
  5. Does it only occur when your playing AOC?
    i havent run any other 3d applications to test , but it will exhibit the same problem on occasion from just a cold boot up

    First off....That board doesn't support the E6750....It only supports c2d with 1066 fsb...your processor is fsb1333. Secondly what brand and how old is the psu?
    The easy fix is get a new mobo that supports this cpu or get a cpu that is 1066 fsb.

    interesting ive had this rig set up like this for well over a year playing oblivion , pirates of the burning sea, Silent hunter 4 etc with absolutly no problems at all , this issue has manifested itself in the last 10 days . i have looked at the tech specs and you are right then has my system run at all ? whole rig is no older than 1yr -18months

    the PSU is a thermaltake Xaser 3 combined case thingy , voltage i think is running at 12.125.. im very flaky on power so if you want more info regards voltage you will have to explain more.

    i havent pulled a RAM stick out , i will try that as well .

    thanks for your help thus far , if my answers to your queries shed any more light then please tell me
  6. On that note, the support thing might have been addressed in a bios update since then!
    Other then that I would agree with outlaw and kraynor with regards to ram/psu...
    Good luck!
  7. as an aside, when the problem first manifested itself i loaded a clean copy of AOC onto my XP drive partition and loaded the game using my reserve gfx card and the thing crashed within half an hour . ther a re no warning signs before the crash , just an instant black screen

    i will pull some ram out and see if that helps , are there any specific tests i can run on my PSU or RAM just to get an inkling as to whether they might be failing ?
  8. memtest 86+ for memory...I don't know what there is other than the HD manufacturers website.
  9. Ok sossages, your problem is erratic and hard to pin point since it doesn't seem to fail in the same consistant conditions. Can I ask when you put a new cooler on did you leave the cpu in its slot? I think perhaps you may have destabilised the cpu or the new cooler may intermitantly destabilise the cpu. If you can pull it out, check the pins and reslot it and check the tensioner. Sometimes I bend the tensioner for more holding power if I'm using a larger cooler with a wierd centre of gravity and it's fixed problems before.
    Also this motherboard has had some notorious BIOS updates, as recently as December the Bios has had cpu support updates, see if any of these problems are relevant to your configuration:
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