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Nvidia prepares for price wars Print E-mail
Written by Fuad Abazovic
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 09:13


GTX 280, 9800GTX prices to drop

Nvidia has already dropped the prices of GTX 280 and GTX 260 and it doesn’t plans to let ATI rest. ATI started this nasty game with RV670, Radeon 3870 and 3850 cards and Nvidia now wants to put a lot of pressure on soon to be launched Radeon HD 4870.

Radeon 4870 was supposed to launch at $329 but it will probably drop to $299 very fast and at the same time GTX 260 is going to drop to way under $399.

This is not the last of it as we believe that this card will rapidly drop to at least $349 very soon. With such pricing Nvidia will put a lot of pressure on Radeon HD 4870.

This is not all as 9800GTX will drop to way under $299 to put some pressure on the Radeon HD 4850 and we believe that Geforce 9800 GTX should very soon start selling for $249 and later drop even more.

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  1. What is the price of the HD 4850 supposed to be at launch?
  2. $200 @ amazon
  3. groo said:
    $200 @ amazon

    Bet that dosent transfer to just over £100 like it should. I can see what Nvidia are doing and lets face it they have been so dominant over the last year or so now that they could more or less sell these new cards as loss leaders untill the newer fabed ones with the die shrink come out. Word is the yeild is bad anyway and with the performance so bad they may well be sitting on bins full of midrange performing chips but with serious shader grunt. If all this surmissing/Blatant guess work turns out to be true they could hold them back untill the release of the refresh. I heard they are already working on it and then try to flood ATI out of the midrange market with cheap crippled 280 and 260 cores. Much like they did with the 8800GS and the 9600 and 8800GT256 really.
    I hope im wrong though and i for one will be buying a 4 series card over the Nvidia option.
  4. I just got a 9800GTX @ nearly 250ish.. (NCIX)
  5. Well maybe I'll wait and see how the 4850 does in benchmarks, but if it isn't up to par I'll probably get a 8800GT and just use the step-up after prices on the other nvidia cards drop further
  6. Whatever they do with their prices, I sure as hell ain't giving them a dime (nVidia).
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