which graphic card should i buy ?


Gigabyte X48-DS4 // Main board
Intel Q9450 Quad Core // CPU
Corsair Dominator 2x1 GB DDR2 1066 Mhz // RAM

I'm gonna buy above system. but i cant decide should i buy one and best graphic card or i should buy 2 ATI and make cross fire.

options are like that:

1) nVidia 9800GTX
2) ATI 2xHD3870 CF
3) ATI 4xxx series one card ( and maybe later CF )

or if i have low money

1) nVidia 8800GTS
2) ATI HD3870

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  1. wait for the 4870 to release... check the benchmarks and reviews... that'l give you a better idea as to what to do.
  2. actually i need really good graphic card because i'm planning to use one 3d modelling ( solidworks, catia ) and high game performance ( not full detailed game but quite good =p )
  3. yes yes don't worry your wishes will be fulfilled :) ... wait for week for the 4870 to release.

    Anyhow are you into overclocking? If you are, then you should swith that Q9450 to Q6700. If you aren't, ignore what i said.
  4. Wait for the GTX260 as well, wait for prices to drop if you can, but don't go with 9800GTX, try and find an 8800GTX, 8800GTX generally outperforms 9800GTX, depends on some cards though, look up the benchmarks :)
  5. actually overclock could be perfect but overclocking means cooling and cooling means money =) etc.. i have to buy optimum system price / performance.. it depends my money..

    when will it release ? and do you know price what around ?
  6. ^... hmmmmnnn if you aren't overclocking then Q9450 is a good buy... but then if you aren't overclocking X48 is a waste of money ... you should get P35... that would serve your purpose very well and save a lot of money.

    anyhow the 4870 is going to be $320 and 4850 will be $200. Since you have chosen crossfire mobo, 4850 CF would probably be the sweet spot.
  7. yeah i can imagine how much watt it need =) 2xHD4870

    yeah 320$ good price for HD4870 but i'm living turkey :) that means so it will be too expensive maybe 420$ then i take 4850.. we gonna see..

    if its possible can you rate other options ?
  8. since you don't live in US there would surely be overpriced hardware there ... so you should def cut costs with P35. Other options are hard to rate at this point ... it would be best to rate everything when we get to know how the 4870 and 4850 perform.
  9. okay thanks.. i prefer 4870 according to price.. if i cant buy 4870 i prefer 9800GTX

    by the way what is different between 9800gtx and 9800 gx2
  10. 9800gtx is a very bad idea ... a 3870x2 for the same price outperforms it.

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