Simultaneous 1 Raid 0 on ICH10R and Other Raid 0 on Rocketraaid 2640X4


- Good night.

- I would be very grateful case somebody could explain to me the following question:

- I bought the Motherboard Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 and I intend to use it with 8 Hds. For that, I intend to buy a Raid Controller External but for only 4 HDs (Rocketraid 2640X4). This way, I would set up 1 Raid 0 in Rocketraid and other Raid 0 different in ICH10R (Native of Motherbord).

- For the that I researched, this configuration (2 Raids, being 1 with Controlling Expresses), doesn't work in Asus Socket 1366. Will it be that happens the same in the Gigabytes ?

Thank you very much for the attention.
Aureliano Larocca
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  1. I'm not sure i understand the problem.

    that should work fine.

    not sure that i would run 8 drives all in raid 0 ( 2 - 4 disk raid 0 array?) but
    it should work.
  2. Thank you for the help.

    - The problem / doubt is the conflict that can happen in BIOS when I have two different Raids operating one in each controller (ICH10R - on bord and Rocket).

    - For the that I researched, in the motherbords Asus you have to disabled the Raid of on-bord (ICH10R).

    - If in the Gigabyte, the two simultaneous raids to work, I will buy SASs HDs, else I will buy Velociraptors (SATAII). Therefore the concern.

    OBS: Excuse my English. I am Brazilian and I don't dominate the language.

    Best regards,
    Aureliano Larocca
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