Help! Not sure why new motherboard not working...

Newbie computer maker here, and a problem (go figure, right?)

I'm putting together a AMD 64 X2 5000+, Asus M3A78-EMH HDMI M.B., 4 GB Corsiar PC800 mem, Thermal Take 450 watt P.S., only onboard video card (until save money to get a new ATI vid card). 250 GB sata H.D. and dvd 16X and 52X CDRW drives. I am running Windows XP home (I think only 32 bit )

I installed everything, and all fans ran. The problems:
both dvd and cdrw drives power lights blinked on, off, on, off, etc. The fan on the processor ran, but slowly (maybe because not hot, and case completely still open?)

I can not see anything from my monitors, either VGA or DVI hooked in. They flash green (showing connected to vid card), and I can hear my hard drive hammering, but no boot up screen is visable???

Do I need to d/l the drivers for new motherboard on a different (and working) computer I have, then try to run it? Or is my motherboard or power supply DOA?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated??

Thank you in advane,

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  1. Did you plug the 20/24 pin and the 4/8 pin power connecters in?

    I suspect you forgot the 4/8 pin CPU 12v ATX power connector. Its a little white plug around your cpu.
  2. Nope, I connected both the 24 pin and the 8 pin to the motherboard...

    I was thinking it might be the power supply, with the CPU fan seemingly "slow", and the weird on/off lights of the cd and dvd rom?

    Thanks, though..
  3. Reseat all the power connections, the ram. Try with less ram and reset the cmos.

    Test the power supply. A PC shop will test for free or very small charge.

    If your ram is neing detected right you need to use the least mount possible to boot and set the volts and imings manually.

    Make sure the ram is on your motherboard QVL list on their website. The ram might not be compatible.

    Does your mobo have a little speaker to trouble shot with?
  4. Do your hear any beeps when you are starting up?

    To check to see if it is your motherboard that is bad, remove components one by one, Turing the PC on each time. If you do not hear any beep codes than it is a bad MB. 450W is plenty of power to run your machine.
  5. Thanks for all the advice. Yes, onboard speaker for case. I hear a beep when I power up, but then nothing. I'll removing a stick of memory, and then the other components. I'm thinking it's the m.b. or power supply, but since the board has a "green light", and all fans seems to run, probably the m.b, right?
  6. Try this flow chart for troubleshooting:
  7. Reset the CMOS on a new build. The mobo may be searching for a boot device in all the wrong places, because the correct one isn't set.
  8. Its most likely PSU or ram. Probably Ram.

    One more question.

    You did use the standoffs in your case to mount the mobo to right? If not, or you put one in the wrong whole you could have a short.

    To make sure pull it out and double check. While its out, try to start it out of the case on some cardboard.
  9. I had the exact same problem with an ASUS intel MB (p5ke-deluxe). If you have a spare video card laying around I would also try changing that out, if still nothing then you may want to also check the DVI/VGA cable. This is what turned out to be the problem for me after RMA'ing the MB and reseating everything.
  10. ^ hes running onboard video so there is nothing to change out, but wouldn't hurt to check another cable, alough i doubt thats the problem. More likely the ram or mobo. As jtt283 said make sure to clear the CMOS and try with only 1 stick of ram
  11. Hey, thanks for all the GREAT tips :hello:

    Unfortunately, it IS the onboard vid "card". :fou:

    I knew I should've just spend the extra ca$h to get the m.b. and the vid card instead of waiting for Xmas money to get the vid card (and by then, would've been able to get a "better" card, like the ATI 4800 series).

    Oh, well, I'm contacting newegg now for my RMA, and will have to wait.. sigh :sleep: to play on my computer again.

    Thanks for everyone's great advice, again, though!!

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