Enclosure + internal HD recommendations?

Hi all,

I'm looking to buy an internal hard drive and an external enclosure and was hoping to get some recommendations on something that would be decent quality at a reasonable price.

First off, I'm looking for an enclosure with an eSATA connection. I'd prefer an enclosure with a fan, and I had a look at the Antec Mx-1, which looks pretty good. I did come across the odd post here and there (Newegg and others ) where some people complained of the fan getting noisy or just plain failing over time, and apparently it's not replaceable. Are there any enclosures with fans that allow for the fan to be replaced should that be needed down the track? I'm open to getting an enclosure without a fan, provided of course that it has a decent reputation when it comes to heat dissipation etc.

As for the hard drive, I was looking to get a 1TB drive. I will be using it for occasional backups and also to play media from (playing mp3's and video, no video editing). I'm currently looking at the Western Digital Caviar WD10EADS primarily because of what I've read about it running cool, low power consumption etc. I'm wondering if maybe I'm sacrificing performance with this one.

I'm hoping to get something that will fit most if not all this criteria at a decent price.

I'd appreciate some recommendations. Thanks :)
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  1. Enclosure - Has an 80MM fan, that can be replaced...
    Rosewill RX-358-S BLK (Black) 3.5" SATA to USB & eSATA Ext

    HDD - Preferably go with lower RPM drives like these...
    Or WD Green series drives...
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