Best Full Tower Case for Gaming?

what is the best case for gaming? well what im looking for is: it have a good airflow, good cable management, have a side panel fan for Videocards, full tower, and has some looks so you can show off!! LOL :D
around 100-200 though haha

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  1. APEVIA X-JUPITER S-Type X-JUPITERS-MG Metallic Gray Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail

    This is the one i got for the computer i built, its a monster, and i like the fan control and temp plus the 230mm side panel is big.
  2. try also the Temjin series of SilverStone, TJ09 & TJ10
  3. I made a custom 4 ft by 4 ft glass encloser for it... its a monster....


    I have a nzxt zero case... its really nice and has tons of airflow...

    thinking of upgrading the fans though... although the stock ones work fine... nice high cfm ones would be great
  4. ashrock said:
    try also the Temjin series of SilverStone, TJ09 & TJ10

    Hey, I have a TJ09, it's fantastic, but I paid $400 (including 3 extra Scythe fans). He wants it for $100. Good luck to him finding that :lol: :lol:
  5. How about the NZXT Tempest? It's not a full tower, but I think you'd like it anyway.
  6. well yea over 200 for a case is over budget for me though ill be spending 3k$ for a new system but i allotted 200$ for the case though

    thanks for your replies :)
  7. Try the Antec 1200. I will most likely be getting one myself. It may be a bit over your budget but a good case is always a good investment.
  8. Gigabyte Aurora 570. Not the 570S model which is 60mm shorter.
  9. I have a Xclio a380 and its great :P I had the one with bigger fan on the side but i used thermallight 120 ultra so i had to take off the side fan but still. This case is good.
  10. Sunbeam Transformer. It's a full size case and if you read all the reviews you'll see that's it's a mini-Meat locker. It's also tool-less.

    newegg link to the case (it comes in 3 colors: Blue, SIlver & Black)

    links so you can read about it
  11. baddad said:


    I'm getting the black version of this case because an acquaintance of mine had it and it's an amazing case. Huge.
  12. It is a little over your budget, but it is more than worth it. It has better cooling than everything that has been mentioned except maybe the Antec 1200, but the quality of this case is much better. Lian Li does not make computer cases, they make art!
  13. Go for this one,

    I got the same but in black colour and its f***ing cool. Only thing I didn't liked about it is it comes WITHOUT powersupply.
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