Do I need a special cable for SAS HD?

I just bought two SAS drives off of NewEgg, but it doesn't specify what type of cable that it needs. Can I use a regular SATA cable or do I need something special? I searched for SAS cables, but it's not very clear on what I need.

This is the drive I bought:

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. On the drive-side it's almost the same as SATA, but slightly different.
    On a SATA drive the notch between SATA power and data cable has slot in between so you can plug into power and data cable separately. While on a SAS drive that notch is close so normal SATA cable can't be used.

    Your SAS controller will either come with SFF-8484 or the newer SFF-8087 (mini-SAS) plug for internal attachment. The other end of the cable will be split into four SAS/SATA plug. You'll obviously need one that's split into SAS plugs, like this:
    <-Note this one is for SAS drives with dual-channel. (Ignore the two SATA plugs)
  2. Ah, thanks!
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