RAID config WHS on Asus K8N4-E Deluxe motherboard

Hello there , here follows a long Q

I have an Asus K8N4-E Deluxe motherboard. This board contains:
1) 4IDE + 4 SATA connections with 1 or more RAID configs (0,1,5,10,JBOD).

2) TI onboard controller (RAIDonly) with 4 SATA connections with 1 RAID configs (0,1,5,10)

I wish to install WHS as a reliable Back-up Server. Now I found out that the WHS disk pool system is not too bad.
It will reconfigure the D: (Data drive) by itself after a reinstallation of the system (or via an image restore of the system area).

Indeed I can obtain data redundancy in the WHS pool, however I don't want (complete) data-duplication in/on one system or place
(in case of complete system failure, virus attack, theft, fire, etc).
But I would like a quick restore in case of a disk failure and not having to figure out what files I have to restore or not on my WHS.
Elsewhere I have the DATA backed-up (actually I want my WHS to sync the data from all PC's to the WHS server)

That (a lot) said I'm thinking of the following setup
(my concern is with RAID 5 in view of some postings)

a) 1IDE for CD/DVD (+ future spare disk/BR)
b) 1IDE RAID1 for 2x160GB for the WHS system(20GB) +inevitably D: Datapool
c) 3x250SATA in RAID5 config in the WHS DATA-pool; 1 connection free for future expansion
(as 1 MAXTOR 250GB just died on me after ~4 years (used very little in RAID 5)

d) 3x1TB SATA in RAID5 config 1 connection free for future expansion as back-up (not in the WHS DataPool).

In total
2660 GB net available with
1660 GB redundancy and
1250 GB spare expansion capacity available (or more when using bigger drives)

I have used RAID-5 with little problems but this was with a Promise FastTrak S150 SX4 controller card
(although not real hardware RAID I did find it reasonable never really tested performance)

Q's: Are ASUS RAID and TI on board RAID;
1) Reliable?
2) Fast enough i.e. ~equivalent to standard Basis disk speeds?
3) Any drawback or concerns with this set-up
4) To migrate is quite a job; to make it easier; could I create a RAID1 with just 1 disk (in sort of a RAID failing state)
and later add the other disk to the RAID array?
5) Can I change the disk size of the RAID 5 when all disk are eventually upgraded to ones with higher capacity
(e.g. now I have 3x250SATA which probably in the next 2 years will be upgraded to 4x1.5TB SATA)
or do I have to copy RAID5, remove RAID5, create larger RAID5, copy the data back to the new RAID5?
6) I assume I can expand (on the fly / hotswap) an RAID 5 with 3 disks to 4 disks (or more for that matter) is that correct?

Thanks for any help or support
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  1. HELP b.t.w.
    The ASUS-NVIDIA does not support RAID-5 only 0,1,10 & JBOD
    So I decides to instead of RAID configurating the 3x250GB SATA, putting them as plain SATA joined in the WHS pool together with the 140GB remaining and turning duplication on for all shared folders in WHS (and with this not making a RAID1 the system with 2x160GB ATA
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