A few Questions about Bios settings for RAM

I'm in the process of overclocking my CPU and don't really want to change my RAM's settings from stock settings. I have 3 gb of G. Skill DDR2 800 MHz.

The BIOS had options for the RAM divider to be linked/unlinked/Auto. I set mine to unlinked and manually put the ram at 800 MHz. My CPU's stock FSB setting is 333MHz but I eventually increased it to 400 with my E6850 running at 3.6GHz. The computer seemed to run fine and stable for about 30 min then it BSOD'd on me. Should I leave the divider on auto? It seems that when I increase the FSB frequency the RAM's frequency is increased if left on auto. My mobo's max RAM it is compatible with says its 800MHz. Is it capable to go above that if its overclocked?

My ideal outcome with the overclock is to have the system running stable of course. I would like to know the best options and settings I should have my RAM set to, and if I should be tweaking it at all.

Thanks in advance guys
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  1. Set your RAM to unlinked, and set the speed to 2x the FSB clock. Thus, DDR2-800 for 400MHz FSB clock, as you described.
    However, the first thing is to make sure you have set the RAM/DIMM voltage correctly in the BIOS. Much (most?) RAM sold these days is overclocked at the factory and requires a higher-than-standard module voltage to run properly. The spec voltage is likely printed on the modules; if not, you'll have to find out from the manufacturer what voltage to use. If a range is specified, use the highest value.

    PS - Remember that just booting isn't a good enough test for stability. Make sure your system passes memtest86+ and a stress tester such as Orthos (or other PRIME95 like program) in blend mode without any errors for a number of hours.
  2. Thanks for the reply...I'll have to tweak some of the voltage settings now. I have one more question. Do I have to have a floppy drive to run memtest86+?
  3. No, Download Ultimate Boot CD, it includes memtest86+. You will need to burn the ISO to CD with ISO Recorder v 2 or other ISO burning software.
  4. Ultimate Boot CD is good, but doesn't always have the latest version of memtest86+. It has a lot more stuff than just memtest86+, so it takes longer to download and burn onto CD, if that's an issue. The latest Ubuntu 8.04 version CD also has memtest86+ as a choice on its boot menu.
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