New gaming build, not very knowledgeable, could use any input.

Hey guys. I've recently been reading these forums and most of the people here seem to be very wise when it comes to picking out hardware for builds and I could use all the help I can get.

I'm currently building a new machine as some of the newer games coming out are quite demanding and just are not running as well on my 2 year computer as I want them to, hence the need for a upgrade.

I want to spend about 800-900 dollars and I've already got a video card, which is the Asus en8800 GTS

As for motherboard, CPU, case, ram, POS, coolingfan/heatsink im completely at your mercy.

Here are a few of my picks that I liked the sound of (I have no experience with owning any of these).

Case: Antec 900

CPU: Intel Q6600

Everything else: No idea yet.

I'd also like to hear some experiences with vista. I'm considering geting it but im weary because my roomate has had trouble with his, but his computer won't be as good as mine so that may be a issue. If I do decide to get it I'd probably go for the 64-bit version. On that note I want 4 gigs of ram to run it.

I'd like to buy these parts in the next day or two if possible.

Thanks for any help guys.
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  1. Good video card.

    Check out the parts below at newegg. My connection is too slow now so I'll let you add them up and see if they fit the budget.

    RC-690 (or Antec 900, sure), Q6600, StealthXStream 600W, GA-EP35-DS3L or GA-EP35-DS3R, HDT-S1283, WD6400AAKS, SH-S203B, G.Skill DDR2-800

    Vista 64-bit is smart.

    POS??? As in piece of <something>?
  2. see if you like this:
    $54.99 <---special sale price!

    well, here is what i got for ya! a newer 45nm quad system for a total of $867.93 (minus the shipping) and i think you will love this setup and it's very overclockable as well!

    also to note that the mem is very good and made for 64bit operating systems and will load vista 64bit with no problems at all (i know this 1st hand) and is very overclockable mem as well!
  3. Between Q6600 at $200 and Q9300 at $275, I would prefer the Q6600. With both overclocked, the Q6600 can actually be better. Plus it's cheaper...

    An excellent deal for a PSU:
    Corsair 650TX, $80 after rebate and shipping

    A 320GB HDD for $70:
    (faster and cheaper per GB than the 7200.10 250GB $65). The WD6400AAKS is even cheaper per GB.

    @doubletake33: you are kidding, right? Who would prefer a Zalman 9700 at $55 over a Xigmatek HDT-S1283 at $37? The Xigmatek cools better, is quieter, and costs less.
  4. Thanks a lot for your input guys, I got to go to work in a sec but I'm gonna take a look at this when I get back, looks very promising.
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