Vista Crashing on Boot With New Motherboard

Recently, I took delivery of a new ASUS P5N-D. Alight with happiness, and joy, I hastened to install it into my system, moving everything from one board to the next, etc... Thirty minutes later, I slap it all in my case, and fire up my computer.

Windows Vista Home Premium begins loading... And then crashes past the load screen. I thought to myself that this was no problem, and went to boot in safe mode to see what had caused the problem. Vista got to crcdisk.sys, sat there for a good minute and a half, and then crashed.

I thought that the motherboard might be bad, and grabbed my secondary drive. I stuck it in, installed XP, and booted it up. It worked perfectly. I wanted to test the issue on Vista, so I had a friend lend me his installation CD. I formated my secondary, installed Vista and sure enough, it booted perfectly.

Now I can only assume that Vista is holding onto the previous motherboard data, and crashing when I try to boot it on a different one...

Is there any way to get Vista to recognize the new board? I cannot lose the data on the drive, so reformatting it is NOT an option at this time.
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  1. You need to reinstall Vista, so it sets itself up for the very different hardware on your new MB. With Windows XP, there was a "repair install" option -- Vista should hopefully have something similar.
  2. What kind of crashing is it, do you get bsod, a complete shut down or a restart? Would loading your secondary drive as a primary and transfering your primary drive's files to format it be an option? Or is your secondary drive to small.
  3. you can always image it using acronis and use the universal restore feature and then reactivate it.
  4. Irregardless of the OS, if you're replacing the motherboard with a different model you really, really, really, should do a full and clean install. Having said that, there are a few things you can try:

    How to perform a Startup repair:

    How to perform a full system repair:

    How to check system files in Vista:

    If that doesn't work, (and it may not), then the easiest workaround is to buy a new HDD, do a full format, and install Vista, drivers, and programs to that. Once you have it all up and running, re-attach the old HDD and recover your data.

    Good luck.

    {edit} I dug this up at Anand:
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