Should I step up or SLI my 9800 GTX SSC?

I am currently running a single EVGA 9800 GTX SSC card, which I bought with the intention of stepping up to a GTX 280. Now that it is out and with the price/performance numbers coming in, I am faced with several options. My current card was $350, so stepping up to the 280 would be $300. Stepping up to a 9800 GX2 would be $250. Finally, buying another fairly highly OC'd 9800 GTX would cost about $280 (with the benefit of stepping up for that card as well). So basically, my options are one 280, one GX2, or 2 OC'd 9800 GTXs in SLI. Right now I'm heavily leaning towards the SLI, but I was wondering what you folks all thought?
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  1. I, and a host of other folks, are faced with the same dilemna. I'm leaning towards 2 x 9800 GTX...

    But I'd like to see some data and support for this idea...
  2. SLI if you already own the hardware to do so (SLI MB, big PSU), otherwise GTX 280 for simplicity sake.
  3. SLI your 9800 GTX, the gtx280 is not going to be cost effective for you with your current solution

    if your motherboard is capable you could even 3way sli the 9800 gtx :P
  4. sli ur 9800gtx the gtx 280 sucks for its price and ur 2 9800gtx will outperform it by a good amount.
  5. My mobo is a EVGA 780i, but PSU isn't good enough for tri-SLI. But anyway, there is data to back up the dual 9800 GTX (and especially my SSC's OC'd to 810 core, 2044 shader, and 2430 memory). The SLI'd GTXs handily beat the current most heavily OC'd GTX 280's. I think the choice is becoming pretty clear. Anyone think people in my situation should wait for the ATI cards though, if nothing else to drive prices down?
  6. SLI it, but don't go 3 way. Nowhere near worth the gain :)
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