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June 1st is my grad party, and that night or the next day I plan on counting up the money, taking it to the bank, and transferring whatever amount I need to my checking and buying these parts. But, since this is my first build ever. (I have a friend helping) I want to make sure it's done right, so if anyone out there would be kind enough to make sure everything works together, or offer suggestions to make stuff cheaper while getting the same performance/better performance, then feel free too. :)

I already know someone is going to tell me to go with the MSI card, but I think that XFX card is a good deal, and I like the double warranty if I ever sell the card. Plus is comes with a free game. :P

Also note I already have Vista, keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Thanks, and hopefully everything will go down with no problems at all. :P I don't want to be scared away with my first build. I've been wanting to do this for the past 3 years now. :P
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  1. Ok, not a bad build except!

    RAIDMAX is trash, they make terrible PSUs and the RAIDMAX case I had was by far the worst I ever owned. Get rid of that. Look at Antec, P182, Nine Hundred, or Sonta III w/ a PSU all are vastly better.

    Good CPU choice, great motherboard, I would go for 4-4-4-12 RAM but that kit is hard to beat with the MIR.
  2. Excellent potential build. All your hardware will play together nicely. The ONLY thing I see that worries me at all is those high heatsinks on your RAM. I've had situations with builds before when those types of sinks interfered with installation of an aftermarket CPU cooler such as the Xigmatech. I'm not sure whether it would or not in your case, but I've stayed away from RAM like that ever since.

    I think this RAM would serve you just as well or better, and doesn't have the high heatsinks attached:

    Do you plan to overclock? If so, when you install the MB drivers from the CD, UNCHECK the one called DES (it's the first one listed), and don't install it. DES is dynamic energy saver and it generally sabatoges your overclocking efforts.

    I'd throw in a couple extra SATA cables just in case you need them - sometimes the MB comes with one or two - they only cost a couple bucks and you'd hate not to have them to connect your DVD/HD during your build.

    I'd also look at a couple nice case fans just in case the Raidmax case fans end up being noisy and weak, like so many stock case fans. These are very nice:

    All just minor details. You're going to be blown away by the performance of your system. Enjoy.
  3. I've been on the edge between the Raidmax and the Antec 900, I actually hated the look of it when I started picking the parts, but over the past week I've begun to actually love the look of it. Sure, it's like, $50 more, but it looks like a solid case that I could use in the future. :P

    changed the RAM, the MIR of the RAM I chose expires tomorrow or something, and I was looking to replace it with that G.skill earlier

    Do you still suggest I buy some extra fans for the 900? My friend said I could buy cheaper ones on ebay, but meh, I'd rather pay for quality.

    Thanks for all your help BTW, it's very appreciated! I can't wait to play some modern games on this rig once it's built. Currently the best computer I own is a old one we bought from a guy who does computer stuff at our church. Pentium 4 1.7 gHz, GeForce 2 something or other, and a whopping 512MB of ram. I've never played Guild Wars with more than 20 FPS. :P Can't wait to play GW, CoD4, UT3, and possibly Crisis and Age of Conan. :P
  4. GW caps at 61 FPS it seems, and that system will max it with everything turned on Max. :)
  5. Updated the Wish list, oh, and by more sata cables, would these work?

    Oh, and one last question, would it be wise to wait for ATI's new cards? From what I hear, the 4870 is going to be pretty nice for the price, even though the parts I have picked out right now will probably blow my mind, I don't want to order it only to find that for an extra 30 dollars I could of got something that would be twice as good.
  6. Waiting for new video cards isn't a bad idea right now since they should be out within a month. Normally I would say no, but since its so close, if nothing else you can get an even better deal on an existing 8800 once the new round of cards is put out.

    The cables should be fine. However, don't buy cables from Newegg. The cable is only $2 sure, but shipping is $6. Newegg kills you on shipping for small items. Pick the cables up at your local PC shop and save a few bucks.
  7. I'm not a huge fan of the Antec 900 either. If you want something more subtle that still is good quality, is a little cheaper, and has great airflow, check this one out:
  8. Alright, sounds good. I'm still indecisive on the video card though...I don't like waiting. :P When are they supposed to launch. I heard Nvidia is launching on the 16th, and ATI on the 18th. I guess I could wait and save up some more cash from waitering. (Making tons of money) so I feel less guilty seeing my savings drop from 7k to 6k when I have college to pay for this sept. (But I do need a PC)

    Also, would the Q9300 be a better investment, even though it's $80 more. Most people I've talked to say the E8400 is better, but I've also heard people say the quads are a better investment. I don't really do any video editing, and my single core PC's can run photoshop fine, but if it's going to affect gaming in a more positive way, then I'll probably be more willing to invest the money.
  9. If you're going to get a quad consider the qx6700 (I think that is the one). It has unlocked multiplier and is now actually a good buy. I've built with that cooler master case and I thought it was a great case for the price.

    I have the new PSU you picked out and I like it. It is very quiet, my only gripe about it is the blue light that shoots out of the back of my case because of it. Good think Freshman year is the easiest year in college because it's going to be hard to study when you want to play on your new PC.
  10. I don't feel like spending $900 on a processor. :P
  11. So, any other suggestions?
  12. Seasniffer said:
    So, any other suggestions?

    Don't get the QX6700 of course. All I see on the new wish list is the case and your ram.
  13. Here is another option for your memory choice as it will be the ones I am going for and you get 3dmark for free as well.
  14. is Mushkin a decent brand?
  15. I actually just saw that exact same graphics card at Tiger Direct for $240 w/ a $40MIR and Call of Duty 4, making it $200. I just looked online and it says its expired, and now its not listed, but its been up and down for the past few days now. Just search for "8800gts" in Tiger Direct and you should find it if they have it in stock. Also, if you cannot get that one, I would recommend getting a 8800gts from a different brand, for a lot less money, such as this one from ECS for $170 after MIR at newegg:
  16. I have not heard anything bad about there memory but you can read all the reviews by users on newegg. I went through them and I found more people had issues with the g skil memory than almost any other brand
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