URGENT: Best Stripe Size?


I have two WD RE3 500GB HDs, 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 1066, and a Phenom II X3 720. I'm about to install Windows 7 x64 with the HDs RAID-0 configured.

I believe I'm running with a 64KB stripe now. I get 170MB/s average (x86).

I would like read time speed to take precedence. I'm a gamer and a photoshopper.

What would you think the best stripe size would be?

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  1. I went with a 128KB stripe.

    For the record, here is a HD Tune benchmark for a dual WD RE3 500GB RAID-0, Win7 x64, 128KB Striped config:

    Cheers. :D
  2. I used 2 WD 640 Blacks. Set raid 0 for 430 gigs using 64K Strip size (for operating system/programs) then set the remainer of the drive with a strip size of 128K for video files and pictures. Also used larger cluster size (32K) for my "data" drive. Video/pictures tend to be large files while on average you will find that over havle are under 8 K

    results of HD tune on 430 Gig (Should have set this to 150 gigs)

    min 184.8 MB/Sec
    max 208.4 MB/Sec
    avg 209.4 MB/Sec

    Access 9.5 mSec
    Burst 137.2 MB/Sec
    CPU 10.1%
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