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hello there

i recently purchased and installed an asus striker ii formula nforce 780i motherboard. i was able to install windows xp pro sp3 flawlessly, but after i installed the drivers provided with the support disk, BSD would flash after the windows load screen and my system would simply restart and repeat this process over again (it should be noted that i am able to load windows in safe mode).

i tried flashing to the most recent bios (1401) from the bios that was originally installed (1101) using Asus Update, and then installed the most recent nforce drivers from the nvidia site but the same problem occured (although this time it did not happen right away, i was able to reboot a few times before i experienced this). oddly enough, i left my system shut off for roughly an hour and returned and booted up without a problem, but when i attempted to restart, the same problem arose.

does anyone have any ideas what the issue might be? should i try another bios?

here is my system
Asus Striker II Formula 780i
2x2GB Nvidia SLI Ready PC2 6400 RAM
WD 74GB Raptor SATA
any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. i tried flashing to bios 1501 from boot using a cd (i used ASUS update in windows before) but i am still getting BSOD after my windows loading screen

    please help!
  2. chech your ram timings... It cud be your ram overheating.. Put in your recommended settings MANUALLY in the bios and then try for a while.. Just elimnating possibility of ram probs tahts all..
  3. how do i do that? im a noob sry

    edit: ok i changed the ram timing to the default 4-4-4-15-1T designated on the ocz site and i still have the same problem
  4. now after a BSOD reboot it goes to the "start windows normally" or in safe mode screen but it tells me that a file in my windows install has become
  5. Your timings are all wrong: you can forget about using 1T command rate, it will never work... Try 5-5-5-15-2T, if that works OK, try 4-4-4-12-2T.

    Good luck,

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