Can I add one disk to make a 2-disk unRAIDed machine RAID-5?

Hello All,

I normally have a software RAID-5 set up on my Debian Linux machine but I only had two 250GB drives available for my new machine so I installed it without a RAID configuration. Both drives are set up as a single LVM volume.

Now that I've ordered a third 250GB hard drive, I was wondering if I could add the third disk and make it, after installation, into a RAID-5 configuration.

I've already done a lot of configuration with my software repository, etc. and would prefer to not have to redo it. It only took one nightmare of losing my thesis work to kick me into getting the extra drive. :)

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  1. No you cant sorry
  2. No, that won't work because you won't have the parity of all the current data.
  3. you need a backup drive.. backup your current drive(s)

    setup the raid.. restore the data from backup drive (something like 1tb external drive)
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