Need fans for my Cooler Master 690

I need an 80x15mm fan (behind motherboard)
and I can put up to 4 more fans either 120mm or 140mm

I'm using my computer for gaming so I want a cool computer.
What are the best fans to go with?
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  1. Get these 120MM...Silent and they do a great job...

    Else something fancy...

    Well xthekid has the same case and runs an i7 in it...So he can help you better for which slots to you as adding a lot of fans can increase the noise level, which might irritate you...
  2. I have been pretty happy with antec tri-cool 120's even though they only connect via 4 pin molex.
  3. I found an 80x15mm that sould work nicely behind the motherboard, how's this:
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