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i am new to this forum . i have asus rampage formula and i don't want to overclock , the motherboard is set everything to auto, is it better to live it like that or i have to make changes in bios, if i had to make changes in bios what are the default settings. i am using AI Suite and set it to medium power saving. i am confused please help me.

my specs are
intel E8400
asus silent knight Al cpu cooler
asus rampage formula
corsair XMS2 ddr2 800mhz
zotac gtx260 core 216
corsair hx1000w
cooler master cm 690 case
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  1. If you are having no problems, don't change anything other than checking RAM voltage. Check the Corsair homepage for the proper RAM voltages by type and set it accordingly.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    No,if u dont want to OC,then leave everything to auto,no need to change anything.
  3. thank you guys :D
  4. Run cpu-z. Verify that the cpu ramps up to 3000mhz core speed when under load.
    You can limit this with the wrong power savings settings; you want a max of 100%, not something less.

    Run memtest86+ to test the ram. If it runs without error, don't change anything.

    Normally the defaults are good.
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