Catalyst 8.6 is out

Catalyst 8.6 is out. Haven't had a chance to download it or read the release notes, but I'll do that tonight. Should be a good driver for OpenGl games, as crossfirex can now handle it.
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  1. I downloaded it earlier. Seems to work fine, though I haven't really tested it. I'm surprised by the number of new features they add each time. They also mention the 3000 cards can do Folding AH. Is that something new, or was it always that way?
  2. ATI cards have been good for Folding@home for a long time.

    Going to try the new driver tomorrow. I've run into a couple rough spots, though the driver I'm using at the moment is an old one and may have a few problems.
  3. Yeah, that makes sense. I remember the old 1000s doing it. I don't know why I forgot.
  4. I just install the new ati 8.6 ccc and guess what?
    Finally! ati has fix their problems with OPEN GL and ANTI-ALIASING! This is the best ccc ever. Now their driver are even with nvidia. Loves it. (but I didnt do any benchmark yet) :p
  5. Grizz, I have rad about the AA problem but never noticed it. I may be thick, so what exactly was the prob.

    I do notice big fps drops with AA on 4x.
  6. ati is rockin. this really becoming like clockwork.

    props to them
  7. I lost 20FPS after 8.6. I had to roll back to 8.5.

    Edit: that was on COD4. I didnt try anything else. That was enought.
  8. Back to 8.5 for me.

    Resume from C3 on my HTPC is broken with 8.6. I get a total lockup with 1x DB15 and 1x DVI cable connected when comming out of C3 state. No problems with 8.4 or 8.5 with same setup.
  9. 50bmg said:
    Grizz, I have rad about the AA problem but never noticed it. I may be thick, so what exactly was the prob.

    I do notice big fps drops with AA on 4x.

    what I mean is I got this 3d apps called SketchUp that uses open gl to accelerate the software. Before this its lagging like u wanna throw away ur pc from 10th floor! borrow my friend's nvidia 8600gt and it run very smooth and thats when I thought nvidia are more friendly to 3d apps compare to ati that just good with games and video. When using the software with my friend's g. card, I even can turn AA to 8x. Back to my ati, no AA are appear or can be enabled! I followed ccc since version 6 and still didnt improve my ati gc. But with this 8.6 ccc, all my problem solved, run smooth with the software and even can enable AA to 8x the same as my friends nvidia! At first I thought Ati has a problem with their chipset but this 8.6 ccc improvements proves that they seems to have driver related problem and not the chipset. Run 3dmark06 at default setting and +159 more score! Also when playing Crysis, with old driver version I only can enable 4x AA max. With 8.6 ccc it can be 8x AA max! Plus my Vista windows experienced index +2 to my graphic processor.
  10. Anyone can tell me their FPS in Crysis with AA on?
  11. I think my performanc for Crysis, 1920x1200 on medium was 35 avg. Seemed to run better with 8.6, but my game crashes during the final battle and I can't seem to fix it.

    Jericho runs really well now, but locks up after 10 min or so....

    Enabling or disabling Crosfire X will cause my system to lock...
  12. err... I can't get 8.6 to run right. anyone have any clue how to help me? I've tried just about every different way to install it. I ran the uninstall all utilities, then installed the 8.6 package. I also reinstalled 8.5, then installed 8.6 OVER the existing. the ccc.exe is running but i can't get the control panel to actually come up in any way possible. I went directly into the static core folder, and ran the various .exe's and reinstalled the registries but to no success. I also tried to use the restart runtime function, seems to work, but still no control panel. I shut down all ati functions manually and then restarted them manually, still to no avail. any suggestions?

    win xp x64 pro sp2, hd 3870 gigabyte gddr3 version, gigabyte ga-m57sli-s4, 2gig gskill ddr2, amd x2 5000+ at 3.0ghz.

    if anyone could help or point me to a thread that might off the top of their head i'd appreciate it.
  13. Noticed a performance decrease with the 8.6 , but it got rid of some of the bugs
  14. nice ccc


    monitor: samsung 2493hm

    2 gigs

    ran through a couple of levels in COD4 and im in love. 1900 x 1200 saw 14 fps more :pt1cable: HOLLY [:thegreatgrapeape]
  15. what is the console line to to show FPS in cod4?
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