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When I try to watch news video on yahoo page, it won't play and I get the little red, blue, green icon in upper left corner
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  1. Is that the only place you can't watch videos? Youtube, Hulu, etc.. all work OK? How about MSN videos?
  2. Various places work and some don't. I just tried opening an email to watch and it didn't work. It's frustrating, some work and some don't.
  3. That means your missing a browser plug-in, or it's being blocked.

    Right click on that colored icon, and try to make it show. Or check the properties, and see what type of media plug-in it's using.
  4. One of my computers actually got this issue in I.E., some video files just showed up as a red x all of a sudden. I just used Firefox on that computer and then re-built it with Windows 7. Could not find a fix for it, every video plug-in was installed.

    You can try to install the following and see if this helps you: MS Silverlight, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Flash Player, Shockwave. Or do what I did, install Firefox and use that.
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