I have a new hp laptop, and use it for the first time for 5 - 6 hours with the voltage calbe in it, but without any battery. Half of the laptom was very hot in the left side with the cable but it doesn't block or something. I turned it off completly for 15 - 20 hours.

Please answer me:

1. It is or it will be any problem with it?
2. How could I test if there is or will be any problem with its hardware, ram, cpp, hdd?
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  1. Laptops these days tend to run hotter than your used to: At least I was surprised when I got a new one I year ago. Even mid range laptops have a ton of processing power crammed into a very small space.

    They have special fan trays that you can set you LT on but I don't have any experience with them.

    You can try it with your battery in and see if that makes any difference.
  2. it's ok for the adaptor from the cable to be so hot now? when the windows rools and the battery is in ?

    When the calbe is in the down-left side of the laptop near the cable for alimentary under the keyboard is warm and the mouse space is warm to. Do someone know if in that space are hardware components?

    It could happen this because i use it without the battery in ?
    How can I see the components temperature and if there are in the correct parramenter with that temperature ?
    Is normal when I take out the electricity cable, the display is not so shine like the cable was in?
  3. In concllusion, for those who use and know about laptops, cout the warm from the left-down side of the laptop where is the cable, under the keyboard, with the mouse space too, be from my mistake ? Use for the first time for 5-6 hours the laptop with the cable in it and without the battery? After that halph of it was very hot, the left side, the keyboard too
  4. I know on my HP the left-back quadrant is where the CPU and cooling assembly is positioned, that will almost always be pretty warm. The HD is mounted near the mouse space, and that can get warm, but usualy not enough to notice.

    I wouldnt worry about not having the battery in, odds are it will be just as hot if not hotter with the battery.
  5. Thank you very much for your answer b-unit, very good answer, practicaly and obiective.

    What about the adaptor from the cable, now, in the cable is in, the adapter I can say that is so hot.

    I have a hp 6820s t2390

    Another methods to see if the temperature is ok here ?
  6. I assume your talking about the box that sits midway thru your cable. That would be expected, especially without the battery. Basicly that box takes the AC current that comes from your wall outlet and transforms it to DC current that your laptop can use. In this process some of the electricity gets converted to heat, nothing to worry about.
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