Cost for style and performance..

I recently built my 1st htpc. I used some parts I already owned as well as new items..

3800+ (already owned from a previous build)
ECS mico mother board nvidia 6100 setup (already owned)
2 gig memory (already owned)
htpc case $90 after shipping and tax..
750 gig hd $150 after shipping and tax
tv converter box $40 after shipping and tax
lite-on 18Xdvd-rw (already owned)

Total cost $280

If I had needed to buy what I didn't already own.. estimate additional $175

For a total of around $455 (add another $100 for blueray) + ($100 for OS if you aint got it)

Now then. I also own a PS3.. The PS3 supports Divx,h264,mp3 as well as a slew of other codecs... It also has a blue-ray drive... The hard drive can be upgraded with most any 2.5" hd... The ps3 supports linux... I'm not sure if there is a media player program for linux, but if so.. I'm sure you could go that route... But for the price of the PS3.. $399 with an optional hard drive upgrade $50-100...
Basically.. about same price as a home built, from scratch setup, but the ps3 would have blue ray and gaming capabilities....
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  1. You do know that you could always put linux onto the PC too to save you $100 (mythdora or mythbuntu or geexbox would be great for htpc). I'm not sure though if there is a media player for linux that supports blu-ray though, that and you'd want to spend $50-100 to get a video card that does the decoding or you're likely to have troubles playing back 1080p content. My 4000+ (single core) couldn't do 720p files (with fancy surround sound) smoothly.
  2. Myth TV for Linux
  3. ahh. but without linux, the ps3 does everything. I was just throwing the linux out there for those that don't like the ps3 native setup... the 3800+ I have is a dual core.. It plays 720 just fine.. but it won't play and 1080...... I use the htpc I built mainly for divx/dvd.. As that is what my finances were at the time of the build.. But now I'm thinking of turning my ps3 into a htpc.. Just trying to get multiple opinions on the idea.... the Good.. the Bad... And the possible.......... :)
  4. well, im pretty sure that VLC on linux supports Blu-ray.
  5. @OP: What is your max budget for a HTPC?
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