Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L & XFX 8800GS 384

Hi, I am wondering if anyone else has had these problems. I have a GA-EP35-DS3L Motherboard and an XFX 8800GS 384MB video card. Before I had a Palit 8600GT vid card and could over clock the CPU (Intel E2160) to 3GHz with no problems at all, but once I install the 8800GS system will not POST at 3GHz, it will try to POST but end up resetting speed to default again. I can't even set the FSB to 201 will do the same thing. But with my older 8600GT it accepts 333FSB with no problems.
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  1. Is PCI-E at 100mhz in bios?
  2. Yes the PCI-E is set to 100, should i move it up or down?
  3. Possibly new video card uses more power than your PSU can handle?
  4. PCI-E MUST be at 100mhz or instability may occur.

    Post the specs.
  5. flyin15sec said:
    Possibly new video card uses more power than your PSU can handle?

    Good advice, try updating the bios too.
  6. The BIOS is the newest one they have for this board, my PSU is a 600Watt Rosewill, which from reviews that I have read works well. Also this only happens with this motherboard, when I had the 8800GS on my Abit IP35 Pro I could overclock fine with the same PSU and many more drives and cards.

    Specs on comp are for PSU

    Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L Motherboard
    Pentium Dual-Core E2160 CPU
    4GB Super Talent 667MHz RAM (4x1)
    LiteOn LH-20A1P DVD-RW
    80GB Seagate IDE HDD
  7. Not the best psu, but should work even for overclocking.

    Try other FSBs like 334, 335, etc.

    Beside the gpu, what else did you touch? Ram?
  8. Nothing else changed, just the video card, yes the PSU is not the greatest, but it ran the system I have in my sig just fine until i got my Corsair PSU, so it should have no problem at all OCing this system.

    I just find it weird how putting in this video card pretty much disables OCing completely, I can't change any setting in the BIOS or it will reset itself to default. If I change the FSB from AUTO to 200 (still default) it will still reset and put itself back to auto next boot. Seems the MB and Vid card just do not get along at all.
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