BD-ROM won't open or read any discs

Ok, so I recently got this new computer. It was a little while before I even realized the BD-ROM wasn't working, because I very rarely use any discs. It was acting as though it just wasn't plugged in, even though it was. Whenever I pressed the button or used eject, the green light would come on, notifying me that it's doing something, but it would just never open. I used a paper clip to force it open and put in a disc, but it wouldn't read and kept saying to insert a disc. I checked out the insides and made sure everything was plugged in all the way, and they were, yet for some reason after I turned the computer back on the drive was suddenly working, and I thought nothing of it. Now, I just tried using it for the first time since I got it working last, and the same problem is occurring. I'm sure I could open it up and wiggle the cords around and it would work again, but I was hoping some of you could have some sort of idea as to what exactly is happening and a more permanent fix. Any ideas? Thanks.
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  1. Device manager says Optiarc BD ROM BC-5100S ATA Device, and drivers appear to be up to date.
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