ECS 8800gts ...chances of price drop?

i know that no one knows for sure

but what do you think the chances are that that card (or any other GTS will see a price drop soon)
started ordering my new parts for a new build but i'm holding off on the GPU in hopes of a price drop

also ...has anyone ever dealt with the rebates from ECS?

i dont want to wait forever for that $50 to come in
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  1. I doubt it'll drop in price much further. Its new competition, 4850, costs $200. Plus g92 8800gts is being phased out soon. The more expensive 9800gtx, which use identical parts and offer identical performance, but has a higher numbered name and fatter profit margin, will linger longer.

    As for mir, expect 1-3 month. That's how it works. They want to keep your money as revenue. :p
  2. ECS takes longer than most from my findings. I mailed one March 5th and just got the check in the mail yesterday Jun 18th. At least I got it though.

    I hope prices drop more rather than supply dry up. There is a Zotac you can find for $11 less shipped after $40 rebate. (fxvideocards)

    edit: MSI also seems to take long. Antec is quick.
  3. about 3 months for the rebate....thats not too bad

    hmmm...that zotac looks alot more appealing ....the price upfront is lower

    hows this fxcards site?
  4. i just jumped on that zotac....

    you cant beat that price
  5. FXvideocards was almost unknown a month or so ago. There seemed to be some fishy stuff going on (looked like the site owners pimped their site on forums to get the site rolling). But, They have had some amazing prices on Zotac brand cards. I ordered an 8800GTS 320MB for $88 shipped and no rebates. Their order conformation/tracking info was very good, the card arrived quickly, and it worked. So priced right, I would buy again from FXvideocards.
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