SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio driver for windows 7

Please help i need
soundMAX Integrated Digital Audio driver for windows 7
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  1. The latest driver I could find was released in Feb 2002 so i can't guarantee it will work with Win 7.

    I did find a beta driver that supposedly was for Vista but many Vista drivers can work on Win 7.
  2. Name which brand of machine you are using ??
  3. I don't usually write on forums but I spent ages trying to find a driver for this but eventually had to manually add the soundcard using the hardware wizard and thought I'd share with people. I was using some intel drivers I have downloaded - I've written a short tutorial on my blog ( on how I got it working (I was using a Dell Optiplex GX280 with this card onboard and the dell website only supported drivers upto XP)
  4. i want to know about 'SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio driver for windows 7'

    please help me.......
  5. i once contacted sound max about this problem. they arnt responsible for the drivers they leave all drivers up to the oem or to the mobo manufacturer which is a real pain. best suggestion is pcmcia audio if laptop or pci audio for desktop
  6. Asus has them posted on their web site.
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