Quadro drivers on Geforce 9800 GTX

I'm using my computer mostly for 3d modeling. I bought the geforce because I didn't want to spend the extra $200 on a good quadro card. Probably a poor decision. I heard its possible to run quadro drivers on my card and it'll work pretty well. I do not know how true this is, or how to do it. If not, should I just return my card and save up for the quadro?
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  1. I have heard its possible, at least with the 8800gt, but it doesn't give true quadro performance. sure someone else will help you with the link as i cant remember...try googling it if you haven't already.

    Honestly i think your better off saving up for the real thing tho.
  2. I found out how to do it using this guide.


    The problem is it tells me to go to the low level system tweaker...but it's not there. When i start the application it says it has not been tested with my current driver and I should update the program but I already have. Does anybody have any experience with this program?
  3. Nobody?
  4. I Have the same problem, I have a 9800 GT and want to mod it to a quadro 3700

    It´s sure posible, but how?
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