Need Help Please

Hi n00bler from South Africa here

I need some help overclocking my e4600 core2duo

specs in my sig

Currently have it oc'd to 2.8 but i know that i can take it further
problem i'm having is ive had to downclock my me mory to just under it's rated 800 mhz for stability

i would like to be able to clock the cpu to the 3.0ghz range while keeping my ram above the 800mhz range

any help would be fantastic
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  1. Sorry specs are
    Core2Duo e4600 2.4ghz currently at 2.8ghz
    MSI P45 Neo-F
    6 Gigs DDR2 800
    coolermaster 650 watt PSU
    MSI RX3870 OC Edition
    Vist Ultimate SP1 x64 Edition
  2. Are you getting 2.8ghz using a higher Fsb 233x12?

    well it's not necesary to underclock your ram to get stability, as far as i know having a high frecuency RAM on a low frecuency fsb doesn't cause any problems. Your mobo is able underclock it for you to match your FSB : DRAM ratio.

    So lets asume you have right now a fsb of 233mhz, your mobo can select a 1:1 ratio so your ram is running now at 467mhz (233x2). In this case since your fsb is so low you don't need to change anything to your ram, since it could handle up to a fsb of 400mhz, and that would be for you 400mhz x12 = 4.8Ghz.

    so if you want to use a higher ram frecuency, set the ratio to 1:1 in your bios and start pushing your fsb to overclock it.
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