9600gt not good enough for GRID?

Hi all,

I'm going to upgrade my PC by the end of this month.
My current setup (4000+/a8n sli 939/2gb ram) produces 20-25 fps in Race Driver: GRID demo with everything set to low which obviously is not good enough...

I'm getting a new mobo, processor and RAM (E8200/MSI P7N SLI Platinum/4 gigs of ddr 800).

I was going to get a 9600gt until I saw this benchmark:


They used faster processor than the one I'm going for and as far as I know 9600gt is a bit slower than 8800gt.
The results are not amusing.... I mean 41fps is rather low and probably they did the benchmark with vsync turned off.
I hate screen tearing and I always game with vsync on. That would give me 25-35 fps at 12x10 @ 75Hz, wouldn't it? Not much of an improvement after spending 450 euros...
I don't need to max AA & AF out, I just want smooth gameplay (50-75 fps) with max or medium settings.

What card should I get?

Thx in advance.
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  1. I've played the demo on my 8800gt and plays very well, so well in fact that I'm skipping the PS3 version (I also downloaded that demo) and going with the PC version to save $20.

    Why not just go for an 8800GT or ATI 4850. what video card are you using now?
  2. I've got a 7800gt.
    What sort of fps are you getting?
    4850 will be too expensive for me....
  3. the 8800GT wont be able to play it MAXED. at least, not mine. but i play it at very high. so it is good as well.
  4. I play with max out with my 8800GTX @ 1680x1050 with 16xAA with 30-50 FPS solid
    so a 8800GT will play it max too, what resolution do u play @?
  5. Quote:
    what resolution do u play @

  6. So a 8800GT can max it out with ease :)
  7. I have a 9600gt, 2gigs of ram, and an e4600 oced to 3.0ghz. I play it maxed at 1280x1024. I don't notice as much tearing as i do with other games. I'll go and get frame rates for it in a little bit to give you an idea.
  8. Thanks for the replies, guys.

    I changed my mind, though.
    Getme, you're right: I'm getting a 4850...
    It's going to be my very first ATI card! Now I just have to choose a mobo for it, but that's a topic for "motherboards" section.

    Thanks again.
    Greetz from Ireland
  9. if you worry about 40 fps? what do have people like me to say when they even can't play DirT with 40 fps at 1280 in multiple races.

    30 fps at max settings is very good for a race game!
  10. While the 4850 is surely a good choice, you should wait for the 4870 benchies .... it would surely give you much better FPS all around. Though if your budget isn't $300 ignore this post.
  11. Note for people: I just installed the hotfix for vista Game issues and now my 9600GT runs GRID 100% better. It's included in SP1 I believe. So I take back the bad stuff I said about the 9600GT. It gets a little chunk at the top 4 multisampling selections but other then that it works pretty well.

    Windows Vista 32 bit (no SP1)
    Dell T5400 - Dual Xeon X5450 processor)
    4GB RAM
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