Need Expert advise on my watercooling setup.

I plan on water cooling my Q6600 rig on an Antec Twelve Hundred Case.

Here are the components.


Black Ice Pro II


XSPC Dual Bay-Res Pump/Resrvoir Combo

NZL-L13KG - Swivel
NZL-V13KG - Compression - Im going with this fitting.

CPU Waterblock:

Swiftech Apogee GTZ Ultra

Stock Hold Down Plate


Tygon 3603 1/2" ID (3/4" OD) Clear Tubing


Fluid XP+ HP UV Green or PrimoChill ICe

Set Up:

I Plan on mounting the Radiator on the back of the casing. Just over the two exhaust fans that are pre-installed on an antec twelve hundred. Vertical position with barbs at the top. Tubes then run through the bottom where the two tube holes are (Antec Given) .

Inlet tube from the RAD connects to the Outlet of the XSPC Dual Bay Reservoir and pump, which is mounted on the watercooling platform ( 2nd and 3rd drive bay from the top of the antec 1200)

Outlet of the GTZ CPU Block goes to the inlet of the Dual Bay Res.

Simple. But since its my first setup. Just need to double check.

Dual Bay Res has the option of a Koolance Compression fitting. Other Choice is the Koolance Swivel Compression (elbow like). I chose the regular compression 1/2"

Both the Swiftech GTZ CPU Block and the Swiftech Rad have multi fittings so Im assuming 1/2" is included. So No problem with that Rad. However If I do decide on using the Black Ice II, I plan on getting the FAt Boy Fitting 1/2". Is it possible for the Swiftech also to use the FATBOY Fitting. Not included in the options though.

All tubings will be backed up/secured with a Tube Clamp that supports tubes of ID 1/2" OD of 3/4". Maybe I will get some Worm Drive Clamps too.

The basics are out of the way, now I need to know how to drain everything. I havent checked for the switches or whatever they are.

Please shed some light on this. And where to position them. Also, on my setup i described above, Is the reservoir/pump okay at that position. Its almost in line with the Radiator. I heard that it should be positioned low. But as much as possible i dont wanna put stuff at the bottom coz my PSU lines are already taking up some space.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

BTW, I need help picking out fans. Currently I have a Vendetta 2 using a ULTRA KAZE 3000rpm fan. Will it be good if I just bought another Ultra Kaze 3000rpm and use them on the RadS? either the Black ICe II or the Swiftech .
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  1. The pump has, in every case I've seen, been recommended to go at the bottom of the case. works best pressure wise, it seems, to keep it lower. Hopefully some of the old codgers will grace you with their presence, but seems you are on the right track.
  2. Yea, great start. All I want to do is point you to a few other forums that will get you with more experianced watercoolers. You haven't mentioned what your cooling either. Work on that a bit and try these forums and links. Not a noob site, but great stickies DOWN HARD, another week I bet. My fav, good peeps, know their stuff, less hardcore [...] opic=20277 A GREAT Europe site [...] n&ie=UTF-8 Info on rad testing
  3. Quote:

    BTW, I need help picking out fans. Currently I have a Vendetta 2 using a ULTRA KAZE 3000rpm fan. Will it be good if I just bought another Ultra Kaze 3000rpm and use them on the RadS? either the Black ICe II or the Swiftech .

    Picking the fans depend on if you are shooting for ultimate performance or quietness. If looking for high quality quiet fans, take a look in to Yate Loon.
  4. Some rads benefit from higher CFM fans due to their fin density. Make sure you do some research on this as well. I have 2 MCR320's and they do very well for the cost.
  5. Regarding the Dual Bay Reservoir/Pump; Is it really not recommended without the extra pump at the bottom somewhere? This is just for a CPU maybe the NB also.
  6. Can you post some links to the components you are looking at?
  7. You'll be fine with that pump/res combo up high. The suggestion made is due to people having seperate pump/res. Usually put the res up higher to help fill the pump on startup. You have a 'wet' pump in the res, not an issue at all in your setup.

    Put the pump high or low, it doesn't matter.
  8. Finally. I could start finalizing my items and then place the order.

    I wouldnt be needing the T-LINE or a fillport since my setup includes a reservoir already?


    This is how its gonna look like.

    Im not sure how Im gonna mount my Rad. on to the back of the Antec 1200 without drilling any holes ahahaha.
  9. No fill port or tline is needed, you have a hole in the res to add water. Filling a loop the first time isn't as easy as pouring water in, turning it on and done. You WILL have to add water many times bumping the pump. So make sure you have access to the fill port when installed, and kinda easy to get to.

    Here is something I wrote to help a new guy months ago, hope it helps you.

    BTW, I never liked a lot that pump/res setup very much, but it's okay, should do you fine.
  10. ^Agreed. Not a fan of the setups with res and pump integrated, even those that use versions of the MCP355 and others. You find that if you ever need to service anything, you pretty much have to pull everything out of the bay(s) and you also risk water leaking (only if you totally slack on leak testing or get messy with filling) onto your DVD drives or even onto your HDD cage below.

    Regardless, 'factory' fittings between res/pump might not always be the most secure and trustworthy.
  11. ^+2. Agreed. However, there may be cases where you will need to use a res+pump combo. I have seen this a few times on HTPCs(based on Shuttel case).
  12. They used to have a single bay res + MCP355, but I haven't seen it around for a while.
  13. wow.. so not so good idea to have that dual bay res. w/ pump huh? Lets say I just get a pump and a top. Would that be enough?
  14. Plenty, that's all I was worried about.

    DDC3.2/MCP355 pump with the XSPC restop.
    At many stores.

    Stores [...] e&Itemid=1
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