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I'm having a problem with my newly built computer (finished it last night). Since this is my first build i'm pretty sure its a simple mistake but as I boot the computer, I am not getting any video output onto my monitor. A possible problem is that my monitor is Analog (new one shipped seperately apparently >.<) while my duel EVGA 9800 GTXs are obviously digital. However, they came with 1 adapter each. I have tried switching them out to see if this was the problem but it does not appear to be (I have used all of the different output sockets from the 9800s with either one of the adaptors).

So, I am not getting ANY video at all (no BIOS >.<). Anyone have any ideas?

Not exactly sure what other spec-info might be useful but:

XFX 780i mobo
Q6600 2.4 cpu
4 gig G.Skill DDR2 800

I apologize if my vocabulary is incorrect, still getting into this :X. Thanks for your help!
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  1. do you have all the power inputs plugged in? is you PSU strong enough?
    try just 1 card first. then just the other card.

    can you try em in you current computer?
  2. Yeah, they are all plugged into my 1010 W OCZ ps so I don't think thats the problem. And sorry if that was confusing, I was only plugging into 1 at a time.

    And unfortunately this computer is a laptop :(
  3. Did you try just using one video card at first?
  4. Just tried having only 1 inserted but no change :(
  5. does your memory require more than 1.8 volts?
    try just 1 stick.

    did you clear your CMOS?
  6. Reset CMOS and took out 1 stick and moved the other, it worked.

    BUT, after initially loading up, about 15 seconds in, all power was lost. I rebooted and this happened again.

    Now, it will not start anymore, the PSU still has power and for a second when i press the power button everything starts but then dies almost instantaneously.

    Any suggestions?
  7. Soun like memory issue. You might need lower voltage memory to boot with, and then set the specs manually, then switch back.
  8. sounds more like a mobo to me
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