Windows 7 or XP for generic PSU?

This maybe a dumb question, but i'd like to know if the OS has any effect on the power consumption of a PC. I want to go from windows 7 to XP, but my PSU is on its limit with my current hardware, and I'm worried that it may damage my system. So any answer is welcome. Also, my hardware is this:
M4A785TD-M mobo
Athlon x2 245
4GB ddr3 ram
hd5670 gpu

will XP give any trouble running on that hardware? Thanks for your answers.
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  1. If W7 is working fine, XP should also work fine. The OS won't affect your power except:
    -- If you disable a power-consuming hardware device through the OS, and
    -- Energy savings through the OS power management feature, e.g., turning off the modem/lan, HDDs, etc. after xx number of minutes..
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