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  1. Interesting. Nice find.

    I probably will wait until there is more review data on Nehalem, especially with different configurations (mobo, memory, etc), before really taking one site's results as cold stone fact.

    But if this is is quite impressive, indeed.
  2. neat

    very nice... its faster than my 3.2 ghz core 2 duo awsome :D if it is accurate... the scores should improve a little bit more as the platform improves

    can't wait to OC these things
  3. it better overclock, a 4.2GHz QX9650 could give a 3.4ghz nehalem a run?

    1.36x 3.4 = 4.6ghz ok i know this is not right but its close - lol!

    water cooled qx9770 4.5 would match a 3.4 nehalem
  4. low voltage...extremely high multiplier...45nm technology and a large surface for an extra huge heat sink...

    i see a great overclocker on the horizon
  5. Not bad. I am still waiting for some nice real world benchmarks to look at.

    Man its like they know we are waiting and are teasing us.
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