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I currently have an FX-60 in my machine and Im ready to go to the next step in finally overclocking my CPU, RAM, etc. I wanna know what information I need to have to do this the right way. Where can I go or what can I download for a noob in overclocking?? Help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. An after market air cooler would be a most desirable route to take but you might get there on a stock air cooler, just make sure you're using a good thermal compound like AS5, and the heatsink is blown free of any dust.

    I was running mine at 3.0G = 15X multiplier X 1.450v Vcore setting all other settings stock, IE mem clk = 200mhz etc.

    The FX60 is a sweet little performer when cranked up to 3.0G.

    I'm quite sure you'll need more help so listing your exact specs will greatly assist to assisting you, IE, M/B brand/model#, Sytem Memory, Brand, Amount in machine, and speed, Etc.
  2. Oh welcome to the forums!
  3. How To: Overclocking Your AMD Processor : Introduction: The Basics Of Overclocking

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