New nVidia Cards, PSU problem...please help

Hello guys,

I receive yesterday my 2 new graphic cards....XFX 9800gtx's. My old rig was as followed:

Asus p5n32-sli SE Deluxe MOBO
intel core 2 duo E6600 2.4ghz
2GB corsair DDR memory
XFX Geforce 7950Gx2
Coolmaster 600W PSU

Installing my 2 video cards...I realised my PSU might not be strong enough to handle it but I tried it anyway. The performance im getting are pretty weird. With 2 cards plugged getting sub par performances with regular frame rate drop to 0 for around 15 seconds then it picks up again. I tried unplugging a card, im getting better performance with only 1 card plugged in but still have the frame rate drops, like the game just freezes for 15 seconds then picks up again.

I'm guessing its a PSU issue...the cards are simply not properly powered and are struggling to render correctly

or could the problem be elsewhere?

if you think it indeed is the PSU would anyone be able to recommend a good one, im guessing 800-850W should do it with clean output?

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  1. Update to latest drivers, update OS, BIOS update, defrag, the whole works, and run it without SLI, take the other card out while you go order a 750w PSU or higher.
  2. strange maybe a driver issue or something i dont think its a psu issue because i have a antec earthwatt 500 and im running a q6600@ 3.0 4gig of ocz ram @ 900mhz 2 hardrives and 1 blueray player and a 9800gx2 oc 700/1100 and my system is running fine.
    reinstall ur driver and install the lastest one, make sure u enables sli as well no that not all games support sli.
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