red neon case fan help! lol?

well i have a NZXT tempest with all my components in them ready to roll.

ive recently changed the top 2 fans with scythe sflex ones because of their cfm and dba levels.

now i want to decorate all the other available fan slots with.

red neon case fans because i do have a asus maximus II formula

so i want everything well. red. :pt1cable: :hello:

any suggestions?

i do need 2 120mm and 2 92mm fans.

ive been reading rave reviews about silenx (think thats it) but thats it.
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  1. Yate Loon red LEDs would be a good choice:
    You should find all the case mod stuff you want @ Petras Tech Shop

    Also check out:
  2. hmm i'll check them out.

  3. How did you figured out the cfm and dba levels of the Tempest case fans ?? i have one to and i think they're a bit slow, i dont know ...
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