Are these PC parts compatible?

These are the parts that I am going to order from

Motherboard-BIOSTAR A770 A2+

CPU-AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Windsor 2.4GHz


Video Card-SAPPHIRE 100236L Radeon HD 3650

Sound Card-ENCORE ENM232-8VIA

Network Card-TRENDnet TE100-PCIWN

Hard Drive-Seagate Barracuda 7200.10

Optical Drive-SAMSUNG SH-S203N

Memory Card Reader-nMEDIAPC ZE-C68

Power Supply-Rosewill RV430-2-FRB-S

Case Fan-MASSCOOL FD08025S1M4



Case-Sunbeam AC-T

This is the first time I'm building a computer, and I am not sure that the power supply is right, but I think everything else will work fine. I'm afraid that some parts will not be compatible with the motherboard or there is a issue with one of the parts. I am going to run windows XP on it. Any suggestions or comments would be great. :)
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  1. What is the system going to be used for?

    If your not gaming you can use a board with onboard video

    You do not need a network card, its on the board already.
    The psu is not highly rated, but should run it fine, if you can get a FSP,Antec,OCZ,seasonic or corsair(there are others as well)
  2. @OP:

    Stay away from motherboards made from BIOSTAR, also WINTEC RAM, and Rosewill PSUs.

    1. What is your budget?
    2. Do you plan to OC?
    3. What will this PC be used for? (ie gaming, office work, Photoshop,etc)
  3. I suggest an upgrade to the PSU.

    StealthXStream 600W costs $60 after rebate and free shipping. Higher quality and much more powerful than that Rosewill (which is $42 after shipping).

    If you're gaming, let's talk about a better video card. For about $150 or $200 you can have something very good, and that StealthXStream will support it.
  4. I am not a hardcore gamer, but I do play some games (Fifa 08). This is mostly for office work and some light gaming. (The most demanding game I would play is Half-Life 2) I'm trying to keep this under $600, and I don't think I would OC. I will get another psu.

    Are there any suggestions for what brands to get for the motherboard and ram?

    Thanks for the comments.
  5. I would look into some of the Asus and Gigabyte boards there are some good prices on newegg.

    memory wise, corsair value select has worked well for me on budget builds.
  6. There's a nice deal at zipzoomfly, GameXStream 600W for $43 after rebate. The GameXStream series is a bit better than StealthXStream.
  7. I think I will go with the RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-530SS for the psu.

    I don't know if ELITEGROUP is a good brand, but their ECS A780GM-A motherboard seems good.

    For the ram, I'm going to go with the CORSAIR TWIN2X4096-6400C5 4GB.

    Will these parts work with what I already have?

    thanks again
  8. The MB and RAM look good. The Raidmax PSU is a tier 5 (i.e. bad). It's also rather weak, two rails at 18A+17A. It's 4enough for that 3650, but it won't be if you ever want a gaming card. You'd be better off with that GameXStream (tier 2, 4 rails of 18A each), even if it costs $3 more + shipping.
  9. The GameXStream looks like a good deal, but I can only order from newegg because of shipping. (I live in Alaska)

    Would the Thermaltake TR2 W0070RUC or the APEVIA ATX-CW500WP4 be okay?


  10. ^Out of the two, go with Thermaltake.
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